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Client Building Operations The Ultimate Guide to Salons

Tamara Forrest-Smith

When your salon building operations are set up well, getting new clients should run like a finely tuned machine.

Keeping an eye on business essentials that matter the most, helps you maintain flow of new clients in salons. There is nothing worse then a salon that is always half empty.

Planning is half the battle, so here’s your starter calendar for your salon management at the start of a new year.

Mondays in salons

For most salons Mondays are quiet. In fact this Monday is usually no different from the MOnday before, a little bit crap day really. Salons are almost empty, and the takings remain dismal. In fact there is probably a not even a good reason to have the salon open on Mondays other than just a habit.

That’s not a bad thing though. Use a quiet day to work on your marketing. Typically when you are quiet in salons you should be working on salon fliers, direct mailers, email promotions, reviewing your online salon marketing, reviewing stylists takings, upsells and any details that generates cash in salon.

Remember a quiet day in terms of clients means a very busy day for a salon owner.

Here’s one thing you can do on a Monday. Open your copmuter. Select the database of customers, craft a promotion and send a Monday promotion blast. Congratulations, you are one way to bringing in a salon client this week.

Monthly Salon Marketing Tasks

Review the number of new leads and new salon clients that came in last month in salon. What you can not measure you can not improve. If you notice that the enquiries have dried up a little there is usually the reason for it. YOu will have to investigate your salon website, are you attracting enough visitors on your salon website? If so is your salon offer clear and compelling enough to attract new leads? Have you run new ads in the paper? Have you measured leads coming through new promotions? Are you spending money on advertising online and if so are you maximizing conversion from lead to a client?

Employ mistary shopping. Check and make sure your receptionist is doing the job he or she is supposed to do – sell the appointments. It is a common problem in the hairdressing receptionists not giving enough information to clients, which results in missed appointments and missed cash.

What you know and measure can always be improved. What you have no idea of can never be improved, it’s not possible, so make sure you don’t just rely on hope and pray marketing.

Quarterly Tasks in Salons

You should set yourself a new goal, and a new challange every quarter and work towards hitting that goal. For example if you increase salon takings by just 10% every quarter, that’s a massive 40% growth in one year! Imagine increasing your turnover by 40%, what difference would that make to your bank account?

Remember that new clients are only one source of new income. Often salons miss on opportunities from existing clients. Set new upsell policy, create a series of promotions targeted to old customers only, make a list of old clients that stopped using your salons and create a promotion that will get them back.

In Salon Marketing School you can find pre-written salon promotion templates to help you get back missing clients and more.

Ongoing Salon Marketing

Stay organized and full speed ahead. Salon marketing takes organization but its also fun to work on your business. We have made it easy for any salon owner to grow salon using Salon marketing products.

We are always updating with new salon marketing tools, giving you the best from the industry and through our 30 plus years of salon growing experience.

Cheers to your most wonderful year ahead in salon

Tamara Machavariani
Salon Punk

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