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Be a Savvy World Class Salon Owner, Make More Profit

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Your journey to business world was supposed to change how you thought about being a business owner – until business nightmares started to blew you off – taxes, rent, staff fees (and complaints) marketing, overheads and something else you’ve forgotten already… OK, running a salon business nightmares might be a cliche, but it’s one still perceived to be true, after all statistics don’t lie 95% of business start ups will close their doors within 5years of being in business.

Here’s how to make the business work for you when you are,lets face it, in a highly competitive salon business.


“What can you actually get a receptionist doing for you apart from answering the phone if you decide to hire one?” says Alan Forrest Smith, traditional salons  consider receptionists role to be purely answering phones, and doing some random admin. Not in salon business anyways, if you are serious about packing your salon with clients.

Why? because Reception is where money is made; cash is created, business is built, appointments are taken and clients are welcome – lose control of your reception and you will be missing tons of unrealized profits in salon, can a savvy salon owner afford that? I doubt so.

“After working in my salons for over 17 years, I actually discovered the script I had to tell receptionists when I hired. At first they did not like it, but then they started to love. Why? Because if they did job properly, and I mean really working to justify dollar per hour for which they were hired for, they got more bonuses and I was happy to pay for”. Says Alan.

You can find Salon Receptionists manual in Alan’s SALON MARKETING SCHOOL

Myth about advertising and websites:

Savvy salon owners understand that mass advertising no longer work, websites and direct mail? Get serious – can you really afford shuttered dreams?

BUT savvy salon owner finds the way to Lazar target her/his prospects and sees through the whole process of the marketing s/he can never experience quiet salon days. I know one wellness business owner in posh district of London, who uses Free marketing advertising to attract prospects into his website, his website then motivates people to visit his shop where he sells his members only exclusive annual membership for £1000, not to mention other extra wellness products and services.

Don’t count money, count new relationship

Money comes and goes, but if you look after your customers, take time to build relations, and find the way to create customer loyalty you will keep customers for life, who will in return happily be spending cash in your shop!

Technophobia is fatal to your profitability

I am still amazed how many salon owners have fear of technology these days.

Savvy salon owner understands, gone are the days when technology was inaccessible investment only Wella could afford. User friendly technology these days gives savvy world class salons maximize their cash generation without investing a fortune in expensive technology. So, if you still suffer with technophobia, make an appointment to discover how technology will help you take bookings as you sleep!

Savvy salon owner understands power of repetition

He or her understood that 90% of all purchasing decisions are already been made in prospects mind, the question is who is savvy enough to make sure the prospect spends money in his or her salon? The answer is simple – repetition. Those who understand power of repetition in marketing rule! There is little point in advertising if you don’t follow up and market salon daily, weekly, monthly.

It is not an accident that it takes at least 21 exposure until prospects notice new service or product. So next time you plan your marketing think it through how you will be marketing your salon day in and day out.

There are plenty of tips available on out blog, but if you want to take a short cut and access to all salon marketing materials, including ready made advertising templates Salon Marketing School still remains our best selling amongst savvy salon owners.

Yours in salon
Salon Punk

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