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Are you a yesterday salon?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Weird question right but your survival might one day depend on your answer.

Here is how to know if you are a yesterday salon.

  1. Do you open up and sit and wait to see what the day or week will bring?
  2. Are you reliant on how your team behave or perform?
  3. Are you being used as a marketing tool for the industry (look at posters in your salon)
  4. Are you posting on social media and hoping someone will book?
  5. Are you discounting or offering a brand special?
  6. Are you still searching for cheap advice for free tips?
  7. Are you stuck in yesterday’s same old conversation?
  8. Do you still believe that your location is making or breaking you?
  9. Does your salon look like every other salon?

If you replied ‘YES’ YOU ARE a yesterday salon.

If that’s the case how long are you going to wait to become a salon of the future?

Here’s a couple of things I worked out in detail.
How to have the most incredible super salon without staff.
How to sell more retail and colour without being a brand advertiser.
How to do amazing things in Instagram without doing anything that you are being told to do in Instagram
How to get rid of all that glossy brand advertising in your salon yet still be the highest selling colour or retail salon for miles.

And more.

But I know if you read this far you will not be in search of a free or cheap or a 90s-disco expert.

You want change, revolution, chaos and a new start that will ignite your salon into a real business that can change everything.

Can you just imagine – NO STAFF – but a salon that is packed day and night?

The SUPER SALON REVOLUTION concept has arrived.

Can you imagine mentor but on steroids? Mentor alone is 100% successful but this is a whole new league.

I am looking for just one or two salon owners that want something new, that want a revolution and want to take back control of every aspect of their salon. You know like it was, fun, exciting and passion in a new way that has never been done before.

Now, of course, this isn’t free, cheap or same old ‘new expert junk’. This isn’t big brand hullaballoo or shelf stacking, this is different, distinct and a whole new level.

This time there is no new page just a conversation with myself.
If you are ready for big change. If you want to control? If you need a revolution?

We should talk.

This is a big project for a big mind.

But you should be warned this will change everything you know about running your salon. If it sounds high risk and scary… it won’t be for you.

If it sounds like a rush a thrill and a big idea to die for we should talk.

Let’s shake this industry up and take back control so you build yourself a salon like never before.

Are you ready to step into the future?

You can get me here on…
WhatsApp: +44 7793069486
Mobile: +44 7793069486
iMessage: +44 7793069486

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