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7 Steps to a better salon marketing this Christmas

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Salon marketing for Christmas?

Dear Salon Owner

You’ve been working your butt off for the whole year to get your salon packed with customers for the serious fever ahead. Christmas is approaching, and it’s time to really own this thing – which means getting serious about salon marketing promotions for every week and days that are left until Christmas. Here are your seven essential tips to pack your salon clients!

1. Think the whole salon marketing process through

Don’t worry, you don’t need a salon marketing degree to plan entire marketing process, but you do need to take some time and get serious about the whole process, I like to think it backward… that determines how many clients do you hope to serve over Christmas/New Year? What will it take to get those customers in your salon, rather than competitors? Let’s be practical and think that your customers are already thinking of doing hair in salon, so in their mind they say something like that “I’d like to do hair like Jennifer Lopes, or Cheryl Cole”, next they “Google…something like… hair salon offers for Christmas in South West London”, next they grab a brochure from outside T&G salons, and for some details and maybe bookings… Ultimately, not to let things get too last minute, make a Christmas party hair reservation. The point been you need to follow buyers mind, and offer right there what they are searching for. That leads to the next point below

2. Get salon promotions ready… or review old ones

Now, I am pretty sure you already have some sort of salon flyer or salon advertising brochures, but did you realize most salon advertising sucks! In other words, they leave your salon customers on the table, and here’s why, you salon flyer or any other promotional materials must do only one job, PULL salon customers in.

3. Decorate your salon… with some flashy mouth-watering salon promotions and offers

Turn your Christmas decorations into crazy advertising offers, it’s the best time to scream your head off with special offers like… Christmas early booking discount; bring a friend, get £10 off; Book 2 festive hair get 25% off; book hair, nails, eyebrow makeover, get a FREE gift; really go over the top, use your imagination and watch what happens.

4. Keep posting… mail

Do you know how much money are you leaving on the table if you never send a letter with offers to your customers? In Salon Extreme 21, there are ready-made special offers that you can use as examples, just modify according to your needs and send them to your prospects or existing customers, watch what happens!

5. Keep texting

Text marketing is not new anymore, and unlike emails, or direct mailers, texts will get read, make a point to introduce text marketing in your campaign, it’s easy like ABC and extremely cost-effective way to market salons.

6. Keep mailing

When was it last time you emailed your customers? If you don’t practice email marketing its time to get serious about it, at least once every week you should be mailing your prospects with special offers and hair tips of course. And if you don’t have a database of customers, its never too late to start building them, so easy these days, check out Salon Extreme 21 for some cool ideas.

7. Track and measure

That’s right you must track and measure your marketing efforts, why? simple, unless you track your marketing efforts you don’t know which promotion is working at its best. How do you measure? One way is to put a special promotional code, for example in the salon flyer advertising, or in text marketing promotions, that way you know which marketing campaigns have worked and which once need to be trashed. It saves tons of time, cash and maximizes your profitability in salon.

Thank you for reading and for more detailed marketing tips, advice, guide and example, of how to get tons of clients in your salon fast

visit Salon Extreme 21

Hope to see you soon

Yours in festive hair

Tamara Machavariani
Salon Punk

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