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Tamara Forrest-Smith

If you have no interest in being the best salon, busiest salon and most successful salon for miles and miles … please don’t read the following.

One of our salons on SALON MENTOR EXTREME has just finished their program and the results are way off the chart.

They have finished on their best week ever which is interesting because they had their best week ever week after week after week during EXTREME.

Best week ever at the start.

Best week ever at the end.

And here is what is really cool.

After 12-weeks with me, their business will continue to grow and grow and grow and grow.

Just totally mind-blowing considering what was going on when we started.

They will tell you it was a mess despite it being a high-end very cool salon. Not everyone has problems like theirs but their problems were the common business killing salon problems I see time and time again.

And during the process we had setbacks, we had fails; we had major obstacles put in our way. At one point we even replaced almost all of the staff.

We found solutions, fixed the problems and kept pushing through everything.

Now they are well on track for a half-million turnover salon – well on track! That isn’t bad from a salon that was struggling to hit £100k

I want to give a big hug and major recognition to the incredible Steph who is now an incredible marketing expert. I also want to double that with a huge applause to Rich for being an amazing leader in their salon.

Before they hadn’t a clue.

Today, they are a powerhouse after SALON MENTOR EXTREME reconstruction.

They are also our first officials 7 STAR SALON EXTREME SALON and will take place in our up and coming hall of fame.

I will share detailed results from them very soon but honestly, they are so busy now I am not sure when they’ll have time but it is coming I promise.

Superstars and business heroes are designed and created right on the front lines. I encourage to call these guys and applause for them. Their results are nothing short of truly spectacular.

If you’d like to see your salon transformed in ways you’d never even been able to dream about salon mentor extreme is probably for you.

I work with large groups, small start-ups, struggling salons or salons that have flat-lined and need to create something new very fast.

Alan – the Extreme Mentor

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