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7 Ideas to make your team building better

Tamara Forrest-Smith

We hear so many times how staff can create serious problems for the salon owners like you. The question is, is it the team or the way you might be approaching your team building that could be creating problems?

I’ve asked Alan to summarize some ideas that will make your team building easier. Here they are in no particular order…

  1. Take control of your team
  2. Give more power to your team
  3. Allow your team to make decisions
  4. Promote from within your team
  5. Build your salon future on your younger staff, they are the future
  6. Set regular challenges
  7. Give your staff a purpose

Of course, they all sound easy when you say it fast, but they should not be complicated either. With a little structure and commitment to your vision of running a salon better, you can start making changes today. I hope you feel inspired and I hope you’ll make the entire 2020 your business life resolution not just January.

For more on team building head over to our website for more ideas and podcasts.

Dive in Salon Extreme 21 for guide and handbook on team management. Click on the links below for more.

Have a great day
Tamara Forrest-Smith

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