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5 Ways to Say Thank You And Increase Rebookings

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Whether you expect repeat sale or not, you should say thank you regardless, it is given. With such human selfless act you can be forgiven for not thinking about the brand and it’s loyalty and you would be right. But next time you service the client(s), go an extra mile with these 5 easy ways and see the sale go up without extra effort.

Say thank you with these 5 offers

1. Receipt Discount offer

It’s a cost-effective way to offer a discount to the satisfied customers while they are in the “buying mood”. Special offer on a receipt can be as simple as £10 off or 15% off the next order. Make sure they are relevant to your salon and do NOT forget to add an expiry date with careful T&C!

2. Thank You Product Samples

Everybody loves samples. Samples are not cheap, samples are not a downgrade, they are exactly what they say on the tin – The sample. If you have something new, or even old you want clients to sample use it to your advantage for cross-selling and upselling as part of your thank you.

3. Tiny Gifts

…Big impact. Go an extra mile by offering relevant, useful and cute little gifts clients can take away with them. It does not have to be a “physical” gift, it could be a 10-minute hair makeover. After all, if a client spends £100 in your salon every time she/he visits, what’s there to offer an extra 10-minute service? Everyone will be happy.

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4. Hand-Written Thank You Notes

Alan used to write handwritten notes to hair clients for nearly 20 years, samples of which can be found in the big manual. It can be a bit of ask to write a hand-written note every time a client visits you, but little things bring bigger rewards. Creating a personal experience should be part of the marketing tool, and it’s satisfying too.

5. Selfie-Thank You Request

Use social media for instant proof, ask for a selfie as soon as the client is satisfied, you would not even need to ask for a review favor, they will be posting your salon selfie on all their available social channels.

In conclusion, saying thank you is just about providing an added value to the client experience. As with all direct marketing efforts in salon make sure to match your offers and efforts to your clients and test what will work best for your salon brand.

Thank you for reading this article

Happy thank you notes 😉

Tamara from Salon Punk

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