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5 trends that will make you re-think your salon Christmas strategy 2020

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It comes as no shock that Christmas 2020 shopping season will be different. With the change in clients’ preferences, new ways of spending money have emerged. Let’s make sure to ride these trend waves and rain or snow enjoy Christmas with all its magic.

To help you stay on top I’ve been doing research for you to help you maximise Christmas sales. 

1. Your clients have already started the Christmas season.

Many of your clients started thinking about gifting earlier than any other time. But it’s also likely that the amount your clients will spend might be limited. One fact is clear people will become more considered spenders rather than free style spenders.

To stay ahead, make sure to start your Christmas preps and promotions now. Don’t limit your offerings to those big days leading up to Christmas, after all this year everyone can agree that everyone could enjoy Christmas come early. 

2. We know online shopping is increasing, but what does it mean to your salon?

Get your online strategy right now. Use the tools to help you capture the clients browsing and searching online, especially those who are timid of in-store visits.

3. Loyal no more, or perhaps less loyal.

Shifting loyalty means as an independent salon, you have the advantage of attracting those clients who now prefer to shop locally and spend their money with small indi businesses like yours. Start building a new strategy to help you capture this exciting new trend. 

4. Apps are on the rise, what’s next?

Does your salon have an App? Is it user friendly enough? Does what it’s supposed to do, ie increase bookings? 

Now is the time to upgrade your app experience, encourage daily or weekly check-ins with deals and news
or provide added value service such as availability and stock updates and enhanced customer service for app users.

5. Gift-giving is getting more personal than ever

Your clients are putting more thought into their gift purchases. Many of your clients might have missed on birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas is the time to make up for those. 

Use this opportunity to help your clients by offering more personalized gift ideas. For example, creating a gift ideas section on your website could be one way to help clients spend more in your shop.

Happy Christmas shopping

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