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5 Reasons why regular engagement is vital to increase customer re-bookings

Tamara Forrest-Smith

There are many ways how you can engage with your customers, build relations and fill the columns with repeat customers. Here is the ultimate 5 reasons why regular engagement is vital for repeat business for every salon owner.

1. Out of sight , out of mind – if customers don’t hear from you they forget, however loyal you think they are to your salon. If you think customers book an appointment when they need a haircut think again. Over 65% of old customers could be lost due to lack of contact. How much business could your salon be loosing if you lost 65% of old customers?

2. Sell in-between appointments – haircut & colour service is great, but you could sell more in-between hair appointments. Think about hairstyle for every Friday night out, beauty treatments, nail polish, eyebrow and wax fixes. Running regular engagement
newsletters and promotions keeps your salon on customers mind, hence makes your salon more attractive for more frequent visits in between haircuts and colour services.

3. Where I come from (Georgia, Republic of), Sundays are the
busiest days of the week for any salon owner. Why? Simple, every woman in the city wants to start Monday morning looking glam and fabulous, having a perfectly styled hair and polished nails is as essential as the first cup of coffee in the morning. Here in the West, Sundays seem to be quieter days in salons. Shake up the routine and create a culture of busy Sundays, why not offer your
customers an opportunity to look and feel at their best on Mondays, who would not like that? Regular customer engagement through various forms of promotions will help your customers create a
Sunday special hair & beauty ritual culture. After all you will have almost no competition.

4. Attract your customers friends and families. Regular contact through newsletters and salon direct mails can help increase referrals business. For every 10 offer you send, you can expect 3 referral business from the offer, that’s extra 3 customers in the salon for you. Now if you send out 100 offers, you could end up with 30 new customers, and if the average customer spends £50 in the salon, that’s an extra £1500 in the till in a week.

5. Regular engagement helps you create a system of running salon
marketing promotions. One thing that most under-performing salons lack is the lack of systems of running regular promotions. Having a system means you can automate a lot of promotions so that even when you are not in salon, the system still runs and brings you the business. You can create weekly newsletter systems, weekly salon flyer systems, social media systems, direct mail
systems and more.

Did you know that customers who here from you often are much more loyal than any other audiences? So if you think having a customer engagement system is a waste of time think again. We’ve fot everything you need to get started in salon marketing and engagement and to help you keep going. If you need help with creating a salon marketing systems that helps you build customers read Salon Marketing School now.


From Salon Punk

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