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5 New Years Resolutions for salon clients in 2015

Tamara Forrest-Smith

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect, be merry and plan next year’s success.

While its easier to start with good intentions, come end of January and they dissapear with the New Years cheers:)

So here are 5 quick tips to keep you motivated:

1. Plan your salon marketing

First reflect on everything that you have done this year. Which salon marketing tactics and tricks helped you get more salon clients?

If you do know what has worked for you, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, keep on marketing what works, but grow in numbers. For example is you spend £100 a day, week or month (whatever your budget) on online salon advertising and you know exactly what you are getting in return – £200 from the colour client, its a no brainer to increase the spend as long as you are earning cash on your investment.

2. Test a new salon marketing tool that you never tried before

No need to stop using trusted ways of getting clients in, but you should aim to add new client building tactics all the time. For example if you mostly reply on organic client enquiries through your website, consider investing in paid advertising.
If you are always advertising in a local paper, try running a new ad with a different headline and offer. Often if you don’t try you don’t know what you are missing on.

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3. Never forget old clients

You can earn more money from existing clients than from new clients. It takes time and money to aquire new customers, and you need time to bond and build relations with you until you win their heart (and business). While old client don’t require such bonding, they (hopefully) already like you enough to remain loyal to your brand. But don’t think they will not trade your salon for your competitiors. So it’s essential you look after them.

Device a promotional plan for existing clients only and keep following through. Don’t forget your upsell tactics when they are in the shop, and make it your point to train your saff on the upsell. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your salon takings.

4. Have a checklist

When working on your salon marketing any details you miss out on is an obstacle. Having a checklist will help you stay focused and organized. For example having a Monday morning marketing checklist will ensure you are ready for the week ahead. Having a daily, weekly, monthly checklists will make sure you remain focused on your salon growth, which will make your job a lot more enjoyable.

5. Time to clean

Now that you reviewed your performance for this year. It’s time to clean up what is not working for you. Stop what is not working for you, for example if you never had a client from Yellow Pages, either stop using the paid service or tweak and test a new ad. If you have a stylist that always organizes a coup against you, address head on.

Clearing out what no longer serves and builds your salon will ensure you are opening doors to new clients and new cash opportunities.

Here’s to the best festive year and a profitable 2015

Tamara Machavariani

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