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5 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Salon Brand Using Free Instagram

Tamara Forrest-Smith

…Don’t stay behind…lead your salon customers where the public goes

I am sure you have heard the saying that a picture can speak a thousand words? But just what level of truth is behind this and how can this be of benefit to your salon brand you might ask?

It all started by the invention of  … Instagram.

Instagram is now giving  salon owners the ability to share and promote their salon businesses. More so than ever people enjoy the feeling of being a little artistic on social networking sites, people enjoy taking photographs, they enjoy having them uploaded so that people can see and comment. It’s an ego boost and deep inside they feel they are at one with a camera. And this is why instagram could be perfect for your salon as it allows you to take any photograph and style it using a variety of pre-set photo filters and then upload it so the public can see.

Being a salon owner you probably are already aware that photographs are a powerful tool for capturing people’s attention. It is now proven that photographs along with video’s are the most shared kinds of content on social networks sites.

As a salon owner the public’s perception of your business should be of vital importance as we have become a world that presents ourselves more and more online. Give out the wrong impression and you’ll struggle to attract more clients, give out the right impression and it’s happy days.

One of the main reasons to consider looking into using instagram for your salon is that allows you to give otherwise boring photos a bit of personality. It gives  you the chance to create a certain feel for your salon in order to convey the desired emotions.

And here’s five easy examples how you can make instagram work for your salon.

5 Easy Ways To Enhance Your Salon Brand Using Free Instagram Inner Image1. Images add a real story to your salons brand. Some behind the scenes pictures of stylists at work adds add an insider knowledge and friendly face to your brand. People without even visiting your shop will feel like they know your stylists.

2. Take, style and share photo’s of hairstyles and even shots of your salon itself. As this will allow the public to see what skills your salon has, as well as the environment your clients are in.

3. Ask clients to share their own images of their best looks with the hair style your salon has created, this level of interaction outside of the salon will create shop loyalty.

4. Its always good to get clients actively involved, so am always a fan of competitions. Ask your clients to tweet or email in their looks and offer a prize for the best, most trendy or fun picture that suits and shows off your salon.

5. But also make sure if you have a website that you add instagram. This keeps your site up to date with fresh new content.

I hope this helped? Have you seen instagram used well in salons or your salon? Maybe these ideas have sparked off some new ways you can use the app in your salon marketing?

Let us know.
Maria Claudia Bennett – Salon Punk contributing writer

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