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5 Easy salon marketing ideas to build columns that is current and 21st century approved

Tamara Forrest-Smith

If you are running and managing a beauty salon you know keeping your focus on building columns is where the money is. Everything you do should be therefore tied in within column building.

This week is all about the 21st century and current tools that any salon owner like you can and should use to up the column building gear.

Take a look at easy ideas you can do them today

1. Profile your salon team through social media

Your team is made up of creatives and artistic talent. Why not feature their stories? Sure, the chances are you have your team’s bios profiled in your salon website but think where else your clients are coming from? And how many of those clients actually see your team’s creative edge on the website?

Start using social media to create the stylists profile and push them through your salon’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media that you currently use.
2. Give a sneak peek of new stylists

First, it generates excitement to announce something cool happening in the salon. If clients like what your salon does it will deepen the loyalty towards the brand. Everyone loves something cool happening.

Second, such announcements can increase the engagement, and there is no better place to generate engagement and buzz than social media. That’s what it’s about, so use them to your advantage.
3. Make a 5 minute hair stylist tutorial live from the salon

We talked about cutting hair live in the previous blogs. Now use the similar tactics to push your salon promotion and therefore increase enquiries and bookings with 5 minute tutorials your clients
would love. Warning, professional filmmaking is not required. Keep it raw, cool and edgy.

4. Announce a seasonal offer

Sounds obvious right? But reminders and offers can do wonders to fill quiet column spots.
5. Run a Facebook contest.

They are both effective and attractive ways to get more attention for your beauty salon. Just make sure you are not making giveaway mistakes… you know have a really good plan and the outcome in mind, then track and measure the contest effectiveness.

So there you go, all ideas above are ideas that work, are proven and tested. Now it’s your turn to turn them into effective campaigns and integrate them into your column building tactics.

Share your ideas and send us your promotional tools to get them featured on our website

Tamara and Salon Punk

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