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4 Ways How to Keep the Sales Rolling After the Holiday Fever

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Our junior Lily came to visit us in the studio yesterday, she needed to print some of her hairdressing training stuff to study, so I asked how was it in the salon she worked in January, she replied it was DEAD… “like really dead, everyone is bored”. I asked what was the salon doing to bring in clients, she said nothing much, we are
just waiting for January to pass.

Waiting for clients to turn up is not exclusive to Lily’s salon, here are 4 quick tips for you to keep the January sale rush going.

1. Leverage Social Media for ongoing customer journey

Just because clients had their hair done for Christmas and topped up on credit cards does not mean they will not respond to a good offer.

By creating a personalized and attractive special offers for January to attract clients in the shop you can take more money today than you did yesterday.

For example, you can offer a discount on hair makeover, BUT, you must know how to upsell on other services.
Or if your stylist is serving clients they must be trained to upsell.

2. Experiment with client invitation days.

You will need to go back to your client data and look into your most valuable clients. Then create an event and invite them as a VIP guest and ask them to invite their friends as well.

3. Re-engage and re-connect with missing clients.

New Year is a great reason to reach those clients who went missing last year. Create an easy to follow “WE MISS YOU!” letters and give them a reason to come back to your salon in January.

READ more on Missing Salon Clients 4 Ways How to Keep the Sales Rolling After the Holiday Fever Inner Image

4. Use different channels to reach clients

Rather than sticking to social media or text marketing, employ as many channels as you can.

Social Media

Live Streaming

Branding up is going to be even bigger than ever. Use all channels to start a conversation through your brand.

In conclusion

January does not mean a slow sale. With little tricks you can keep sales driving beyond holiday season.

Just remember to keep marketing salon, have a goal to stick to and work towards it.

Tamara, Salon Punk

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