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3 ways we failed salon marketing in 2014

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Running a salon business, dealing with stylists, smiling at clients and dealing with raps are not always as straightforward as just cutting hair.

If your hair creativity flourished in 2014, but not so much your ability to drag tons of new clients in salon you are not the only one!

In fact we identified 3 common areas most salon businesses did not get things right in 2014, here they are and how you can get running salons profitably right in 2015.

1. Promoting salon using same newspaper ads

What’s the problem?

Most salons NEVER measure what comes in through the ads. If you invested money in the paper ads, but failed to measure who came in through the doors and how much money have your ads generated chances are you either left most of the salon profit on the table (you can not improve what you can not measure), or simply wasted money on the ads that do not pull clients in.


Make it your 2015 point to track and measure how clients are finding your salon. One fact is certain, anyone with a bit of hair on the head needs a cut, if you are not packed mad in the salon, you need to review how your run your salons, measuring how well your salon flier is doing is a giant step forward towards improving your ability to pull in new clients.

2. Never reviewing flyers, or any other ads you run

When was it last time you reviewed your salon ad?

And I mean, really looked at your own salon flyer, online ad or any other promotion you use?

The truth is you can run the same ad over and over if it works well for you, but did you know that you can grab extra 20% (and often more) new salon clients if you only changed the headline?

Grace is a salon owner, when she consulted to Alan, she discovered her message was all wrong, after only altering a headline, she actually took extra £800 in that week!

How would you like extra £800 a week? Grace did it. For details on attention grabbing salon fliers and a guide to creating advertising for salons that sells consult  Salon Marketing School.

3. Salon website that is dated

OK, it’s not that easy to replace a website, but often online tools are regarded as an extra tool, salons must have because everybody else is having.

In reality, your website is as important as your shop, in fact, salon website and the reviews people leave about you is the first place your prospects will visit, and based on what they see, and how well you crafted the message to grab their attention will determine how much money (if any) new clients will spend in your salon.

2014 has seen a dramatic change in the way people search for information and spend their money. If you were busy cutting hair and drinking too much coffee and missed on this important tool, now is the time to get serious about your online look.

We posted tons of information  on our blog  you can read more here, and we also updated our  Salon Marketing School  with digital marketing for salons, that covers the details about the system. Visit the website for additional information.

And finally, be realistic what you can do with the budget you have, but also be realistic that your marketing budget is an investment, if you spend a £1000, it should bring you £2000… no brainer, but knowing where and how to invest that budget in order to maximize your return on investment should be your priority in 2015.

Salon Marketing School  is updated on a regular bases, and it is designed to help you pack your salon, even if you have no marketing budget!

Everything you read and learn has been tested on real salons and are proven to work!  Visit here for more details.

Have a great year

Tamara Machavariani, from  Salon Punk

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