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3 Ways to measure your salon brand’s social health

Tamara Forrest-Smith

We’d all like to have lots of cash in bank, and if having a Facebook account and Tweeting “strawberry blond colour” was all salons needed to have that cash in the bank, we’d all be using just social media to run our businesses, would not we?

Instead how many times have you caught yourself browsing through random profiles, only to realize you have wasted time without taking a penny… via Facebook?!

The truth is Social Media helps businesses like your salons grow, engage customers and ultimately profit, but unless you find the way to really manage your salon’s social presence, it could be tough, if not disastrous, to determine what really matters for your salon social media campaign and why.

Use those 3 easy to understand indicators for why they might matter to your salon brand.

1. Interactivity Per Post: The number of comments your given post receives.

Why it matters to your salon brand: In a nutshell, there is little point in talking and sharing if you have no listeners. The more times people comment or reply, the more likely it is that they will grow to care about your salon brand and what you have to say.

2. Engagement: The overall number of times people talk to your salon brand on social media sites.

Why it matters to your salon brand: You can push out all the content, promotions and funky new hairstyles in the world, but if no one cares to reply or discuss then the point is defeated. Social media is about talking, having a conversation, and engaging users. The more highly engaged your followers and fans are, the more likely they are to remain loyal to your brand or evangelize your salon and services on their own personal networks.

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3. Social Media Click-Through Rate: The number of times a user clicks on a link to one of your salon website, a promotional link that you shared via social media.

Why it matters to your salon brand: Typically, one of the goals of a social media campaign is to drive traffic to your salon website, promotional page, or other social media, thereby creating consumer awareness and subsequently happy buyers or sales. The growth in the number of click-throughs can be one of the indicators of a successful, engaging campaign.

So… if you have been using any of the modern day social media to promote your salon brand, and wondering why you have not seen results as yet, review those 3 points above and find the way to either master yourself (its really easy…) or find someone else who can master it for you. But remember, social media is evolving daily, and you can’t go wrong by keeping it real, understand that your customers like to hear your voice, and be genuine.

Stay funky 🙂
Tamara Machavariani for Salon Punk

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