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3 Ways to make bigger salon customer gains

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Certain things fall into “more is better” category – but luckily long salon working hours and bigger marketing budget aren’t necessarily one of them. There is no reason to spend endless cash and time on salon marketing unless you want to. Many of the most successful salon businesses found the way to maximize sales with minimum investments and time, by decreasing the time spent in salon floor, and establishing truly creative marketing budget.

Here’s 3 easy ways to make bigger customer gains in salons right now

1. Review your old customer base list you stopped using – ” 65% of missing 
customers will come back, and you won’t even have to spend extra cash to pull them back!” says, yours truly Alan Forrest Smith, successful salon owner of 17 years and a writer of salon marketing manuals.

In fact according to Alan its really simple:

Step 1. Find or print out a list of missing clients.

Step 2. Write a letter to your customers simply asking them to
come back, and don’t forget including a good reason why they should (or open the missing client, salon tested letters Alan has prepared for you.)

Step 3. Put a stamp on the envelope and put it in the mail box.

Can you do that today in your salon?

2. Forget about sending emails from your hotmail, or gmail account. Invest a small fee in a professional email management, the one that helps you schedule promotions, newsletters and emails, for as far ahead as you wish to, that way you will never stop marketing salon to your customers, whilst freeing up your time.
Professional email companies like aweber.com will cost as little as $15 a month, but the return you will get both in time and money could not be measured.

And if you have a technology phobia simply follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Join www.aweber.com today, its only $1 to try a month, and around $15 after

Step 2. Follow their step by step set up system to start marketing  your salon via newsletters

Step 3. Enjoy your extra free time and customers 🙂

Step 3. Take bookings whilst you sleep, like Grace, a busy salon owner like you.

Go savvy, start leveraging technology to improve your salon and spa business. Integrate online booking system in your salon website, and if you don’t have a salon website it is time to build it.

Building online appointments system is easy…simply ask your web designer to add the feature and let the techies do what they are best at, whilst you enjoy more free time and new salon customers.

Do those 3 steps today, or review and improve the way you’ve done them in past and watch what happens.

To your salon success
Tamara Machavariani

PS. If you need help with any of the above, simply let us know and we will be back in touch with you with solutions asap

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