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3 ways indie hairdressers and salons flourish during Valentine’s Day

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Thank god for Valentine’s Day 🙂

For the most salon business owners who cater to beautiful women as well as gentlemen’s barbers, getting a jump on big shopping holidays like Valentine’s Day is vital for salon sales.

And while all the fuss and buzz that goes with the V Day is quite predictable, salon owners and hair stylists have to be prepared for the day, to ensure as many happy women and gentlemen are served on the day, cash is registered and money is counted.

Your quick 3 quick tips to make sure your salon is packed on a  Valentine’s Day…

1. Have a plan

Ideally, you should be getting ready for a Valentine’s Day promotions in salon way before Christmas cheers, and as soon as the novelty of New Years celebrations fade away, is the time to start promoting V Day hair specials.
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2. Get organized

Salon Advertising needs to be created, flyers printed, newsletters written, mails sent to your hair customers.

3. Style up

Make sure your stylists are briefed, receptionists prepped and the salon is ready to dive in clients hair, and not only that. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift wrap hair products, advertise special offers and package gifts. From juniors to seniors, everybody should be getting read, and excited about the love that is all around us;)

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Have a great V Day in salon;)

Salon Punk

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