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3 Things your competitors are doing to crush your salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Regardless of the hair salon competition, anybody who has hair in your town needs a haircut, how come your salon is quiet?

Today is Monday

Here are 3 things to focus on Monday while the salon is quieter.

First, realize that your competitors are working really hard to crush your
salon. I am serious. You really need to take the threat seriously and devise a
plan that will help you grow your salon.

3 major things your salon competitors will be focussing on in the industry.

1. Improve Salon Brand Perception


Online or offline, your competition will be leveraging space to highlight
their salon brand, hair products, salon shop, stylists, in fact, they will be
using at least one of the programs available program for any smart

Special Offers for Online visitors: Use Google Special Offers. Highlight hair
offers with Google ads. With Google Special offers you can show off the deal
for shoppers right on the search page, which distinguishes your shop and hair

Here’s How One Salon Owner Went from 3 to 64 New Clients a Week, Visit to Learn More

Use online reviews, Google reviews & ratings, local Yelp reviews, they
seriously boost the perception of your salons. You can read step by step how
to get your customers leave the review in the bonus section of Salon Marketing
School. You really have to make a point of getting reviews from happy clients,
it’s easily done and requires little, but focused effort. More happy
customers your salon has, higher the perception of your salon brand.

2. Marketing Days in Salons – smart salon owners have as many hours in the day
to work on the business as any other salon. Managing your time, and allocating
dedicated time to market your salon every week is critical, as it is marketing
that builds your salon, marketing appointments, marketing stylists, marketing
products, special offers and anything that can generate more customers in your

Ask yourself a question (and be honest), how many hours do you dedicate every
week to market your salon, and how many marketing strategies and tools do you
use to attract new salon customers a day?

You already have all the answers. So just do it. Get professional advice,
invest in marketing manuals and tools and create a plan of action. If you
don’t your competitors will.

3. Turn stylists into Extreme Stylists actually we have an entire section
dedicated to the topic, which is FREELY available for you as part of Salon
Extreme 21. But here’s the fact. Your stylists really need to be trained to make YOU more money, while keeping them happy. And not just stylists, receptionists need a proper training (on a regular bases) to help you make more money.

3 Things Your Competitors Are Doing To Crush Your Salon Inner Image

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It makes sense, stylists are the ones that earn cash, they are the ones in contact with clients, and apart from the usual chit-chat, they have to understand that they are their to sell their services, master the art of upselling and earning more profit in commission for themselves. Just remember nobody will be thinking about building your salon, but everybody will be thinking about making more money end of every week, so make sure your stylists understand that more they sell and reach the target, more they can earn in commission.

Here’s another question to ask.

How many hours do you invest in training your salon staff? Assigning them
goals and tracking their progress?

Put staff training in your to do list and watch what happens.

Happy salon building

Salon Punk

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