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3 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Salon Profits!

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Hi, Head Punk Alan here.

Here’s 3 things you can do right now so you can count more pennies at the end of the week.

Don’t do them …and your crazy!

Okay here they are.

1. Review your pricing

Nooooooo not pricing!!!

And why not. It’s weird, in our business we continually have an in-built fear of “what will the clients think” … or even worse … “what will that terror client … Mrs. Jones … say about it?” Look this is business, this is your business. Your business might not just be supporting you but supporting family also! So this is your life. When is the last time you increased prices? Who really cares what one single client thinks.

Pick up your price list and go over every single service one at a time. Compare them to other salon prices. Compare them to the last time you had to change them. Compare them to each member of your team… have they been promoted since the last price increase? Can you add on a dollar here and a dollar there? At the end of the week when you cash up… you’ll be shocked at the massive difference it can make to your salon turnover!

Don’t question it… JUST GET IT DONE!

2. Review services charges.

Isn’t this the same as a price rise? No, here’s why.

Lets say you have increased your prices overall by 5%. So everything has risen by the same amount.

Now as an example lets take ‘foil highlights’. Is that serviced priced right? How would you know? Do a price comparison with all of the other salons around you. Then review your standard of service. In our salons we knew our services were much better than the services offered by other salons. We spent more on training, more on detail, overall we were much, much better. We were also packed out. With that in mind we raised the prices way above that of other local salons and reviewed them continually. This one single service review would continually increase our salon turnover and profits. Will it… can it… do the same in your salon. Review your services NOW.

3. Review your appointment book.

This for me (and other salon owners I have worked with) is one of the single most areas for you to grab back money.

For example…

We used to have a stylist named Helen that never had a last appointment booked in. It turned out she never had a first appointment booked in either. It turned out she never had an appointment booked in right after her lunch break.

That was 3 appointments a day.

Those 3 appointments were worth on average £140.00 each.

That’s £420 a day or £2,100 a week!

You read right… £2,100 a week missing from ONE bone idle stylist named Helen!

How are your team doing? Are some missing the same appointments daily? Are you measuring it? Are you conscious of it?

I know this for a fact… when I began to get a grip of my appointment system in my own salons, my salon profits went through the roof.

Don’t even question the 3 things above. Do them, do them now, do them this week, DO THEM TODAY!

Hope this helps you.
Let me know
Head punk Alan Forrest Smith.

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