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3 Reasons summer is the perfect time to accelerate your salon business

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Fact: Summer is a quiet time for most businesses including us, in the salon industry. Clients are away, suppliers are elsewhere and you probably are yourself dreaming of a place in the sun if you are not already there.

The truth is every business has a slow period, but most successful once don’t let it get in the way. If your salon business has a quiet time now is a really good time to work on safeguarding a successful season ahead.

SUMMER SALON BUSINESS TIP ONE: Slow in the salon? now is the perfect time to revamp your marketing, send summer mailers to attract new clients, fill out quiet spots at a reduced offer and buy new clients while deepening the bond with existing clients with cool and exclusive offers.

SUMMER SALON BUSINESS TIP TWO: Do you need to review your Social Media strategy. Clicking, sharing and posting is ok but how do you use Social Media to attract clients in the salon? Which social media is right for your salon brand. Do you know how to budget and invest in small ads? are you clear how to research and target local clients through social feeds? There is so much to do and organize in order to attract right clients come fall.

SUMMER SALON BUSINESS TIP THREE: Perfect time to train, retrain and reintroduce new rules in the salon for your team. My salon my rules. Review how your stylists run their columns, how the receptionist handles the appointments (even if they are away right now). Do you need to introduce new rules of the game in the salon that will help grow your salon while inspiring your team at the same time?

When your salon competitor next door is putting the feet up this summer get busy and start laying the foundations to your next successful salon season.

Yours in happy summer salon

Tamara from Salon Punk

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