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3 more ways to increase footfall in hair beauty salon

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Santa helpers must be giving a long list of toys to Santa to stock up and deliver them down the chimney. If you have a small salon businesses how do you know if somebody had asked Santa for the hair shampoo that you are selling from your gift-shop?

If Santa does not knock at your shop try adding 3 quick ways to increase holiday foofall in salon, after all you want to maximize sale from the retail sale.

1. Chase salon clients

Have you ever visited a website and even after you close the browser whenever you open a browser, the same website you visited keeps popping up everywhere? Imagine if your clients visited your salon website, and then wherever they visit other websites, your salon keeps popping up everywhere online? Marketiers call it retargeting – I simply call it chase your clients till they visit your shop.

Setting up holiday campaign should be on your list (if you have not set them already).

As you work on your salon marketing, make sure you familiarize yourself (or make sure your manager in charge of salon marketing understands) how to re-target your salon clients till they visit your shop.

2. Target locals to your hair beauty salon

If you are trying to attract people in the shop, it makes sense to actively target local shoppers. Planning investing a small fortune in local ads and PPCs (such as Facebook and small Google Ads)? Make sure you target people exclusively within your salon location, say +20 miles is probably the furthest you should target.

3. Best hair beauty offer forward

As you work on creating holiday offers, make sure you put your best offer first. Whether you are selling stuff through your salon website, or direct from the shop.  If you are selling a beauty gift box, make sure to update your website with the offer. The offer should look compelling and clear. If you offer local delivery, make sure to state that clearly, or if you take payments online make sure you are clear how clients can pick up the purchase, from your shop floor perhaps?

As the final month of the holiday season is here, make sure to take time to think how to maximize retail sale and think of different ways to increase footfall in the salon.

Happy holidays

Tamara from Salon Punk

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