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3 Best Salon Marketing Ideas That Will Get You More Clients

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Let's get right to this.

If social media didn't exist for the salon business.

If advertising as you know it didn't exist for salons.

If we had to strip everything back to get more clients into your salon... these are my big 3 salon marketing tools that will get you more clients. 

1. Build your hair salon database

This means taking every name, address, social, email, phone number and anything else and creating a database of cleints. IMPORTANT: They want to hear from you so use this data at least once a week.

2. Referral program for your salon

Referrals can give you literally dozens upon dozens of new clients every week. It is free to do, simple to set up and the most powerful way to build any salon business.

3. Salon sampling program 

It's no accident that plenty of large companies run try-before-you-buy programs. This is an incredible way (the one thing I would do myself) to build your salon and grab more clients very quickly.

If you do nothing else and do the above I guarantee you will get more clients, build stronger and faster clientele and have your stylists packed everyday of the week.

These are some of the goto tools Alan himself uses with his salon mentor extreme clients. The same tools that have germinated literally hundreds of thousands of salon clients.

The Salon Punk.

Everything you need to know about databases building, salon sampling and a referral program is in our best salon Salon business Building Manual Salon Extreme 21.


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