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2015 Planning: What Does Your Salon Strategy Look Like Next Year?

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Couple of things always happen around this time every year. You look back on everything that’s happened and start anticipating future for next year.

As a salon owner, or a manager, both are essential for the year ahead salon strategy of building and growing salon clients.

Unlike some businesses, around Christmas time feels more demanding and busy (hopefully) with hair appointments fast booking up for festive night outs. But it’s also a great time to take time to start figuring out what you really want to do next year, instead of doing the same old you do for 11 months. So as you start your 2015 salon plan,  keep these 4 things in mind to ensure you start the year in salon strong.

1. Talk to your business partner, or your boss (if you are a manager) Or if you are a solo stylist doing your own thing, get someone you know will tell you the truth and ask what do you all want to achieve next year? Do you want to hire more stylists? Are you ready to grow your salon in another location? Do you need to take more cash end of every month? It’s also a great time to ask what you were not that happy in 2014?

Asking these questions will usually help:

  • Are we retaining our best stylists, or are they running to the salon next door?
  • What trends are happening in the salon industry?
  • What are the biggest sellers for the salon outside haircut?
  • What do you see your competitors doing?
  • Are we optimizing everything we can to achieve the maximum growth in sale?
  • How many new customers have we added to our salon database?
  • Have we lost any clients this year and if so what did go wrong, and how can we find out about that?

2. Pull the 2014 salon data

There are some key things you should be reviewing this time of the year, here are some:

  • How did our salon website do this year? What percentage of customers have we gained this year through the web, social media, word of mouth?
  • How did our paper ads strategy work for us? Are we pulling enough people through the ads?
  • How did we do on the trade shows? what was our ROI?
  • Bottom line are all our stylists, even new ones packed? And do we have the strategy to pack any new stylists and keep them in our salon?
  • Have we made the most of mobile advertising? And what has been our strategy for upselling our salon clients?
  • Did we follow through the direct mail strategy and are we leveraging our customer database to maximize sale?

3. Review and readjust your mission and vision

This is not some sort of random brainstorming you have to write down for you bank manager, rather your daily priority to be clear about your brands mission and the vision you hold for the brand. Clarifying what you are committing to, figuring out who your clients are and how you communicate your message to the customers is the most important thing you can do in business as it clarifies your thoughts and ambitions and makes the path to success easy to follow.

4. Pricing and demand for a raise

Let’s be realistic, as a business owner, or a stylists who generates business that pays for everything, you are kind of a big deal, and if you are responsible for… well pretty much
everything… so make sure you are well rewarded for your hard work. Review the pricing, make it your policy to increase your level of service and as you do keep adjusting your prices

What are other things you can be doing now to plan your Salon strategy for 2015?

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