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10 Simple Steps to Making Changes Happen In Your Hair, Beauty Salon Fast

Tamara Forrest-Smith

Step One

Think about the result you want from your change in your salon. Sounds obvious but all the of the jigsaw needs to make sense if you are to get the team commitment and corporation. But no need for you to explain your reasons for changing.

My philosophy is this. If you have staff that don’t and wont change with you at the first chance kick em out!

Step Two

You have to change your approach or behaviour in order to change the behaviour in others CONSISTENTLY! For example if you want all clients to have a consultation before their hair is washed then you have to do it each and every time or it will be death to that idea.

Hey if you want a strong Army you have to be a strong leader … right! So lead by example!

Step Three

Loads of praise when you catch your stylist or staff doing it right. Stop catching them doing it wrong. Why do so many managers, owners focus on the negatives. Reinforce good behaviour by plenty of back patting.

Step Four

Run small meetings or one to ones telling them the importance of the new system or change you want. If you have loads of part-timers or shifts then run your meetings in shifts. Otherwise it will take forever to get everyone together.

Step Five

Train, Train, Train and train to ensure that all know how to do what and when. Wishing alone is not enough you must train it. (Sorry I know this is going to be a blow to you but “Fairies are not real” just because you wish it ant gonn’a change a thing) make sure they have the knowledge, understand the benefits for the client and the salon.

Stevo … I don’t accept that comment about Fairies not being real. Are you sure 😉

Step Six

Allow them time to change, you know what they say Old Habits die hard. Practice makes perfect, if they see themselves successful with the new approach then in time things will change. But remember you must praise them!

Step seven

Expect some of your team members to uncomfortable with the change, this is common when people have done something the same way for years and then they are asked to change. It creates an internal conflict but this is a normal response. Its a bit like when you have a disagreement with someone who has a different opinion to you it makes you feel uncomfortable right.

When they are uncomfortable you know you are going in the right direction!

Step Eight

Reduce the discomfort by putting people who are happy with the change with the people feeling uncomfortable with it. Have plenty of group discussions and one to ones. Get everyone to view their progress and to publicly commit their support to the change.

Step Nine

If you adopt the blow by blow approach above staff will carry out the changes and change their attitudes. This means that they have taken onboard the approach or new information. Often they will try to do more to bring about not only in themselves but in others too.

Step ten

If enough people undergo the change at least 50% then over time this will become the norm The culture in the salon will change and your new system or training will be here to stay. Its like chucking mud at the wall eventually it will stick.

Head Punk
Alan Forrest Smith

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