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I signed up for all of Alan's courses (e-books) after taking on a dying salon taking $600 per week. that was in may 02 ,9 months later I am now expanding into the empty shop next door. since putting all of Alan's ideas (and a few of my own) into operation I am now unable to fit all of my new clients into my present salon and taking more money in one day than I used to take in a week, this is just with myself 2 other stylists and 2 juniors working.

So.... if anyone has any doubts about any of Alan's ideas and courses just re-read the above a couple of times and get out your credit card and sign up. You wont be disappointed I promise.

Jeanette (a much better off and happier salon owner)

p.s. I am based in a small town in Liverpool UK and if we can do it anyone can.
Trimmers Haircare

Alan ...without you my business would not have gone from four thousand pounds to eight in a matter of weeks and due to your Salon Column Buildersalon column builder I might add.


Hi Alan, well its been 2 weeks since I opened my salon, and wow. I'm flat out, i kind of expected to be really quiet for the first week or so but I didn't sit down or eat food for 2 weeks. I put on an apprentice and a receptionist as I cant keep up and am about to put on another full time hairdresser. Your stuff really works and I'm so thankful!!! I will let you know more as it happens ! 

Thanks again,

Leeanne, Storm cuts hair studio, South Australia

Let me tell you we just followed one of your techniques and the phone was ringing off the hook in less than an hour of the first flyer going through local letterboxes, we put out around 200 leaflets in a couple of hours, the response booked out all the spare slots in the stylists columns for the next two weeks!!!!

We have just embarked on a joint venture with a boutique's staff and again the phone is going crazy. Alan you have restored our faith in the business and saved us from insanity. We still have loads to work through if it all only works half as well I can't recommend it enough, tremendous thanks Alan its worth every penny and probably more!!!!!!!



LIVE in Australia, A Group Of Super Successful Hair & Beauty Salon Owners Reveal For You In 'Easy To Understand Language' The Tricks, Twists and Strategies They Use And ...

Salon Marketing Course.


How YOU CAN Copy and Paste Those Same Proven Salon Strategies, Easily, Quickly, Simply So You Can Grow Your Own Salon Profits Overnight!


Imagine if we could reveal to you simple to follow, easy to copy steps that could easily increase you salon income by 30% this week alone!

Published at least twice every month provides action packed tips you can immediately use in your hair or beauty salon to increase your profits.

For a limited time receive "5 Easy Ways To Get More Clients Now" an ebook by Alan Forrest Smith.

Subscribing is easy. Simply add your name and email address below then click on the button.


Please note: I respect your privacy. Your email will never be rented, traded, sold, or swapped. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Plus, you won't receive an endless swarm of junk e-mail either


Imagine if you knew the biggest single factor in any salon that ...

... is proven with a doubt to increase every aspect of your salon business forever!

Imagine if you knew the facts about how to write and advert for your salon and then every time your advert is in the newspaper ... your phone if blown off the hook, your appointment book is packed!

IMAGINE; what would you spend the extra profits on?

New car? New house? New Holiday?

Well I have some incredible news for you. On this page you are about to find out EXACTLY how you can have all of the above and more for your salon.

SPECIAL NOTE: As a salon owner of 16 years myself, honestly... I would have walked over broken glass for all of these fast track, insider salon information, no question! Judging by the feedback from the worlds very first Salon Builder Super Conference on Sept 2006 lots of salon owners felt the same way.

Before I tell you too much, how about I share with you just a handful of comments from hair and beauty salon owners in the room? By the way when I say a handful ... nearly 150 salon owners in the room wrote glowing testimonials for the live event over in Sydney. I simply don't have time right now to put them all up for you.

Just some of the happy salon owners at the salon marketing conference in Sydney Australia.

"I have taken so much away from the conference that I can't wait till the next one. Sometimes one needs a shot in the arm to keep motivated, especially when you do most everything yourself like me! 

I am going to digest and implement the balance of what I learnt from all the speakers that fabulous day. Once again, thanks heaps.... Heather Jacobs, Zukiís, Hamilton NZ

Salon Marketing DVD

I don't know how to thank you enough for the opportunity to attend the conference. It certainly changed my life in so many ways. I realized I had become brain dead, because the brain cell started to plump up as if rain had fallen on an arid desert.

 By the end of the day I had written a new phone message and had started to formulate different ideas for the two people that work with me, and actually grew a spine in implementing the new procedures for my salon. I think I have grown 6 inches, I noticed that I am sitting and standing straighter and my energy has returned. I haven't been this excited about anything for several years.
Marina George,  Hinterland Beauty, Qld.

Hair Salon Marketing.

"I just wanted to say a big thank to you and Greg for organizing such an amazing day yesterday in Sydney. Yolande and I feel  like our heads are spinning and really can't wait to throw ourselves into all that we have to do. 

We feel we have gained a lot from all the presenters and it was fantastic to talk to others in similar positions. Looking forward to the next day you organize. Speak to you soon." Jemima Richards, Sync. Detoxify.Nourish.Regenerate, Melbourne.

Beauty Salon Marketing DVD.

"Just wanted to thank you for the super conference yesterday. I got so much out of it and I had all these dreams about business and my head is still spinning.

It was great to network with other like minded people and I have already emailed some as we are going to keep in touch and swap ideas.


All the speakers were great and Karen is truly an inspiration. I am so inspired now that itís full steam ahead and I am already running with a few ideas." Veronica Reemst, Sydney.

Wow! What a great conference last Monday in Sydney. I walked away knowing I'll be your first Nail Technician true success story and as a result you may have to develop a tool kit just for nail techs."
Deborah Treloar, Nail Technician.

"A fantastic marketing and leadership think tank!"
Paul Goulding, Total Woman, Sydney.

"A great opportunity to hear from successful people in the industry and avoid making on-going mistakes that are costly."
Hazel McNamara, Silver Toolkit member, NSW

"It's worth every cent. Gets you thinking." Gail Smith, Hair & Body Treats, Qld.

"It was brilliant...I'm inspired!" Elizabeth Bowder, Belle Affair Skin Therapy, Qld.

"It is a must for success." Ruby Rehre, Dolce Vita Beaute, NSW

"It has opened my eyes to see business in a different way." Maria Smalios, Hair Kraze, NSW

"You have to do it! It makes sooooo much sense, it has blown my mind!" Yolande Paneau, Sydney, Victoria

"I didn't think it was going to be so great. It was great for me to realise how much behind-the-scenes work Craig does." Lisa Evans, Storm Hair, Sydney.

"Wasn't looking forward to it, but by 9.30am I was switched on and taking notes!" Ashley Jurd, Storm Hair, Sydney.

How to increase salon takings fast.

Alan Forrest Smith

Are you ready to discover how simple, small and affordable changes in your salon marketing can easily increase your salon taking by at least 30% and higher this week? Stick with this page, it could be massive for your salon business.

Alan Forrest Smith .

Building Your Salon Business Is Easier Than You Might Be Thinking!

In 1989 I wanted my first salon to be a raging success.

It was in a town of a population of 125,000. The town had over 35 hair and beauty salons. Some had been there for over 20 years. One in particular had been there nearly 30 long years.

So this next bit might sound a bit nuts but I very quickly realized this. The only ay I was going to survive, pack out my salon with clients and make money very quickly would be to do something different.

I had NO budget, no clients, cash was very, very tight, large overdraft and had never run a business before. So ... I created something fresh, new exciting and in just 18 months we established ourselves as THE number one salon in the town! You can copy my salon success on virtually ZERO investment!

HOW? Easier than you think.

There are only two ways to build or increase your salon business.

SALON BUSINESS 1: Try it yourself and learn the really hard way. Can cost a fortune doing this. Can cause great hardship and pain. Can cost you years in time. Causes most salon to fail within the first two years or less after opening.

SALON BUSINESS 2: Copy someone that has already been there before you, made all of the common mistakes before you and had all of the disasters before you. YOU simply copy what has worked for them... DEAD SIMPLE! (it took me nearly 20 years to learn that!)

THE Ignored Secret Of Salon Super Success

Can I give you an example right now? Okay listen to this for an incredible way to increase your salon business this week. By the way this one simple technique increased my own salon turnover by nearly 400%!

It was this: Send out a letter every week to clients.

Sounds easy right? Maybe you even do this right now.

My guess is you don't. I deal with salons worldwide and I can tell you 99% DO NOT DO THIS!

And that one thing could literally transform your business THIS WEEK!

But ...

How do you write the letter? Who will do the letter? Who do I send the letter to? Is there a proven way to write letters to clients? How can I make this work for me right now?

And listen to this...

You could spend well over 5 grand and more advertising your salon this year WITH NO PHONE CLASS or profits from the adverts. Or you could spend literally pennies sending out simple letters.

We showed the audience at salon builder super conference exactly how this is done!

Here's Another Secret Of Salon Super Success

Imagine if you knew the answer to this (you will learn NOTHING more powerful for you salon EVER!)

Did you know there is one person in your salon that can easily double your salon takings every Saturday?

Did you know they can also double your salon takings EVERY WEEK?

Did you know you can get this salon employee working for you for virtually NOTHING?

And I want you to know this... ANY salon that fails to copy this is missing out on thousands of lost profits every, week, month and year!

Alan what is it? Who is it? How can I get them for virtually nothing?

Ok I want to share this with you.

When you find out who and what this person is ... YOUR SALON TAKINGS WILL EXPLODE! You appointment book will be so packed you will be able to have more time away from your salon and spend more time [spending your profits!

Does the idea of having that inside your salon excite you? It should because every single salon I have ever seen that applies this rule ALWAYS increase their profits faster than at any other time EVER.

IMAGINE that is YOU!

Secret Of Salon Super Success Revealed On Stage

There are salon owners taking in, pulling in, pouring in millions of dollars year in, year out. These salon owners are like you, they have started from the ground up. They have mostly learnt the hard way. Some have simply copied what I have already talked about above.

How would you like to see a handful of these salon owners grilled and quizzed over 2 hours?

How would you like to see salon owners just like you fire questions at them about HOW THEY DID IT?

How did they solve staff problems, lateness problems, cash flow problems, lack of clients problems and more.

Imagine what insights you could get from successful salon owners just like that?

In a second I am going to show you how you can sit and listen to these guys in the comfort of your own home. Their own experiences are absolutely mind-blowing, you'll love it.

Hey how about I show you a couple of shots from the seminar? Just click the play button below.

NOTE: Remember 'web video' can take time to load. Leave it for a second. This is NOT a reflection of the actual DVD quality which plays at home as smooth as your TV.

Click each video to play


We Openly Revealed Live On Stage  How You CAN Easily  Do Exactly The SAME In Your Hair and Beauty Salon!

September 2006 I flew over 32,000 miles round trip to Sydney, Australia. Reason was to help nearly 200 salon owners increase their salon business. The conference was around 10 hours long.

The expert trainers knew salon business inside out. The salon owners in the audience went totally crazy for what they learnt.

Can I take you through a snippet of the salon builder super conference?

Now I can't tell you everything right now about what took place at the conference. Frankly I am way too busy to go through it all now so this page is brief, to the point with some details of the salon builder super conference added for you.

For example ...

I opened the day with the very first talk.

nearly 200 salon owners were blown away with info this

You Are About To Discover The Fastest Way To Transform Your Salon Into a Cash Churning Machine!

I then gave them at least 30 different ways that they or YOU can increase takings and clients super fast! (you also ill find out all of these ways so you can apply them in a second!)

In fact one thing that you'll learn is how to reclaim $3,000 into your salon a week! Yep I said three grand! No wonder they freaked! You'll love it!. Imagine that ... times by 52 weeks a year. I will reveal for you how to INCREASE YOUR SALON TAKINGS BY 156,000 IN 12 MONTHS... it's so easy you fall off your seat in shock!

I then went on to deliver a 90 minute, packed to the hilt presentation full to the brim with real-life salon busting ideas that will grow your business!

Then Greg Milner (see below in a second) delivered this absolutely outrageous way to write advertising for salons that has made salon owners well over millions of dollars year in year out. Greg gave stacks of real life examples. He explains fully how to do this yourself. Greg even gave lots of 10 second tips you can apply to your advertising right now.

For Example: Did you know removing your salon names from the top of an advert will increase the amount of phone calls you get from the advert?

Did you know the reason for an advert is not to get them into your salon that week? The real reason is much greater and worth at least 18 times more than one single client visit.

Greg gave away so much salon advertising secrets you cannot fail to increase your salon business copying them.

You can have all of those salon advertising secrets from the end of this page.

How You Can *Out-Market* Your Salon Competition with Simple Salon Building Techniques That Guarantee You'll DOUBLE Your Sales Inside 12 Months!"

Greg Milner, Salon Marketing Specialist. <<< That's Greg on the left:

Greg Milner, is Worldwide Salon Marketing CEO and developer of the Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit, details the simple but powerful marketing techniques almost NOBODY knows in the hair and beauty industry... in this 90 minute walk of discovery into salon advertising you'll discover why everything you've ever been told about advertising and marketing is WRONG.

And Greg reveals outrageously easy ways to fix it right now!

Here Are The Million Dollar Salon Experts You Can Watch and Listen and Copy As They Reveal Some Startling Salon Facts That'll Improve You Salon Business Fast!

Karen Briffa, owner and founder of Le Beau Skin & Body Management, 2006 Spa Establishment of the Year. At just 33 years old and the mother of two pre-school children, Karen employs 25 staff, drives a luxury black Jaguar and enjoys annual sales of two million dollars and a high six-figure income. 

And she started with a single room at the back of a hairdressers! You have to listen to Karen, what she can show you is simply incredible!

Karen Briffa - Le Beau Skin & Body Management.

Tracey Orr reveals how her Absolute Beauty absolutely dominates the market in her small Tasmanian town - and details her remarkable 'Build a Better Me' staff training program that's turned her staff into raving fanatics for her business. (Watch and listen in amazement at the simple but brilliant technique Tracey used to demonstrate to her staff the importance of clients getting identical treatment no matter which therapist they see!)

Tracy ... super-switched on salon owner that I would die to handle my salons! AMAZING to listen to!

Tracy Orr - Salon Staff Training Specialist.

Roland Semaarn at age 36 co-owns four thriving hair salons and is about to open his fifth, in an industry where salons open and close on every corner more often than most of us change our underwear! In this panel discussion Roland details how his salons used simple product grouping strategies to make more sales in a single day than they'd made in the previous two weeks

Craig Whitley was a former swimming pool builder who went to his local hairdressers for a hair cut - and ended up buying the business! Craig reveals exactly how he turned the business around inside 12 months, doubling sales and profits. And how his staff - even his apprentices - are earning hundreds of dollars extra each month in bonus payments.

Craig is simply OUTRAGEOUS! He will make you laugh but more important gives you real insider secrets that all average salon owners need right now. BRILLIANT STUFF!

Craig Whitley - Hair Salon Owner.

"Taking Control - Change what you ask your clients - and watch your sales soar!"

John Lees - ex sales manager for  Schwarzkopf Hair Care.

John Lees, former national marketing and sales manager with international hair care giant Schwarzkopf, had the audience in stitches as he described the dumb mistakes almost all business owners and staff make when dealing with customers... you'll be stunned and delighted as John reveals the ONE THING that'll completely revolutionize your staff/customer relationships.

Different ... just watch and learn!

Then Of Course There Is Myself ... Alan Forrest Smith. You'll see pictures of me below. In fact let me show you a few of them right now.

Greg Milner Live On Stage.
Greg Milner live on stage 20 minutes before we went live
Greg again Top salon secrets revealed from million dollar salon owners
Salon Marketing Specialist Alan Forrest Smith,Live.
Alan talking live ... YES ... it's a kilt! Greg and Me!
Successful Hair Salon Owners.
George from Australia on salon computing Craig (successful salon owner) and Greg

How Would You Like This: You Can Own, Watch, Rewind, Review and Discover New Ways To Build Your Salon From Your Own Home Using The Salon Builder Super Conference DVD Course ...

Imagine that: You don't even have to jump on 6 planes like I did and travel over 32,000 miles there and back to Australia. We will come to you in your own home.

Simply sit, hit play and watch (take stacks of notes!)

We filmed every single second of advice, tips and salon breakthrough ideas in high quality digital DVD for you. Yep, we recorded the lot. Every talk, every movement, every salon building moment is on film. YOU can have all of this advice instantly at the click of a button.

"Any Salon Owner That Even Sits Down and Watches The Salon Marketing Conference Will Get a Minimum of 50 Cash Creating Ideas For Their Salon... GUARANTEED"

Did you know I charge well over 5k per day for consulting?

Did you know I have been paid upwards of3k per hour?

Did you know I can ask upwards of 25k to write a powerful letter for a business?

You get me on the DVDs. Greg also charges the same. The other guys in my view (and when you see them you'll agree) are worth a small fortune in themselves.

If you paid for the TRUE VALUE of the information ... it's worth well into the millions. When you see what we give ... you'll agree! In fact if you don't agree let me make this promise to you right now.

I am so confident you'll be blown away ... I am willing to offer this also ...


If the information on the course doesn't give you at least 25 ideas on how to double your salon income ... ask for a refund! Simply mail back the DVDs and I'll refund your cash! You have 60 days from the day of delivery to watch, listen and apply our salon profits info!

Can I Ask You This?

  • Would you like to see to see your advertising and marketing costs slashed?

  • Would you like to see your salon appointment book packed out?

  • Would you like to know the secret of capturing back $3,000 per week of lost profits?

  • Would you like to see your salon takings increase by well over 100%?

  • Would you like to hear from a group of experts, easy to copy salon building techniques?

  • Do you deserve to know the one biggest secrets that will cost you nothing and make you a ton of cash for your salon?

  • Do you deserve to know the truth about doubling, tripling your clients?

  • Would you like know MORE?

Finally; Can I Share Something With You?

One the the biggest mistakes I have made in  my business life is never listening to others. It cost me time and money.

Since listening to others my businesses have literally gone through the roof.

I have invested well over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND learning from others. Greg still pays to be mentored at the cost of well over 50 grand per year.

And here's what's amazing: even the greatest sports people alive STILL PAY TO BE coached and mentored to success despite their greatness.

The lesson: Doing it ourselves is tough and usually never works.

Reading this letter can be the brand new start for you salon. But ... only if you act on what you read.

There are FIVE DVDs. All produced with high quality digital equipment so you get the very best quality.

90 Minutes with Alan Forrest Smith 120 minutes with a million dollar salon panel of experts
90 Minutes with John Lees 90 Minutes with Greg Milner

Remember Your Satisfaction Is 100%, You Have No-Risk Guaranteed!

You have no risk. Order them, when they are delivered, watch them, review them, listen to them and if you feel they really aren't worth the money ... send them back and ask for a full 100% refund!

Okay thank you for reading with me through this page.

I hope you feel excited about new things for your salon. Together with the groundbreaking information you'll find in the course I really think this time next year you'll look back on this and be grateful for what you order.

The order button is in the box below.

By the way if you have any questions please email me at alan @

Okay, be quick, order now and I'll get them to you as soon as UPS possibly can.

YES, YES, YES ... Alan I want to know exactly how to increase my salon business with clients, cash and more very, very quickly!

When I order I am getting the following high value bonuses ...

  • Top Secret Million Dollar Reception Report Proven To Explode Salon Business (value is priceless!)

  • Salon Column Builder worth $197.00

  • 2 Business Building Interview MP3 Downloads with Alan (value $200.00)

  • $200 OFF the next Salon Builder Super Conference in London or Australia

  • Advert that increased Steve Winders salon business by over £74,000 over 12 months (value ... $74,000)!

When I order today you are promising me that the order goes into a UPS van within 48 hours and its then delivered direct to my door step in complete safety.

When I order I understand you use secure encryption. The chances of fraud are more or less nil!

My payment via credit card will go through and will be debited to right away!

I am expecting 5 high quality DVD's to be packed and delivered to my home or office.

Thanks Alan, I am ordering right now!