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I signed up for all of Alan's courses (e-books) after taking on a dying salon taking $600 per week. that was in may 02 ,9 months later I am now expanding into the empty shop next door. since putting all of Alan's ideas (and a few of my own) into operation I am now unable to fit all of my new clients into my present salon and taking more money in one day than I used to take in a week, this is just with myself 2 other stylists and 2 juniors working.

So.... if anyone has any doubts about any of Alan's ideas and courses just re-read the above a couple of times and get out your credit card and sign up. You wont be disappointed I promise.

Jeanette (a much better off and happier salon owner)

p.s. I am based in a small town in Liverpool UK and if we can do it anyone can.
Trimmers Haircare

Alan ...without you my business would not have gone from four thousand pounds to eight in a matter of weeks and due to your Salon Column Buildersalon column builder I might add.


Hi Alan, well its been 2 weeks since I opened my salon, and wow. I'm flat out, i kind of expected to be really quiet for the first week or so but I didn't sit down or eat food for 2 weeks. I put on an apprentice and a receptionist as I cant keep up and am about to put on another full time hairdresser. Your stuff really works and I'm so thankful!!! I will let you know more as it happens ! 

Thanks again,

Leeanne, Storm cuts hair studio, South Australia

Let me tell you we just followed one of your techniques and the phone was ringing off the hook in less than an hour of the first flyer going through local letterboxes, we put out around 200 leaflets in a couple of hours, the response booked out all the spare slots in the stylists columns for the next two weeks!!!!

We have just embarked on a joint venture with a boutique's staff and again the phone is going crazy. Alan you have restored our faith in the business and saved us from insanity. We still have loads to work through if it all only works half as well I can't recommend it enough, tremendous thanks Alan its worth every penny and probably more!!!!!!!



Here's The Fastest Way Ever For You To Build Your Hairdressing and Beauty Salon Business!

Today in 2008 I am a recognized expert copywriter, public speaker and marketing consultant with clients all over the planet.

Below you will find a very brief history about me and salon punk.

The real Alan

Born in Scotland (Edingburgh, Leith) to hard working parents. A totally eccentric mother and a very loyal father. The third of three boys and one girl.

Leith was a very working class area on the docklands. I lived in flats called Fort Place. The harbour or Newhaven was across the road from my home. Actually this is where the Queen in the UK (no not boy-george... the royal queen) this is where the famous Royal Yacht is now parked in the harbour.

Moved away from there 1970 to England, the land of the Sassenachs as my dad got a real job and became a prison officer in Risley Prison Warrington Cheshire, England.

I started my first real business when I was around 10 yrs old. I used to re-spray and re-build bicycles, mainly Raleigh choppers :-)

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My next venture was into sewing. I started altering jeans for my mates when I was around 14-15 and used to charge a quid (UK pound) for doing it.

Next I became a house cleaner, gardener, musician and punk hairdresser. When I got my first job in 1979 I was added onto the conveyor belt of life and became a Landscape gardener until I was 20. I hated it!

Up until then I had started cutting and colouring hair when I was 15 yrs as my mother used to always be snipping bits of everybody's hair at home so I copied her. Going into hairdressing was a cinch, I loved it.

Left school a little early due to being ill with Hepatitis and then started work a bit later.

Although I left school out the back door with no exams, not one,  I was the best hairdressing student Worsely, Manchester Hairdressing College ever produced (according to them of course;-)

Anyway after doing the rounds in the salons I decided to set-up my own salon in 1989. After a year we outgrew the salon as it was around 250-300 sq feet, tiny and moved into a new place that is 2,000 sq feet.

I targeted myself as the most expensive in our area providing the highest quality work at all times.

Back to the salon...

Been there since 1991 and to be honest we have had all sorts of successes and... problems. One thing I learnt in our business is we are continually dealing with rip off merchants that really couldn't care less about my or you're salon business. I have had it all over the years from these guys and it has cost me heavily. Read about them in my free e-book it could save you money.

Over the next few year loads of changes. Opened another salon. Sold it at its peak. Cost 1,800 to open and made a wonderful profit on it. Staffing was a nightmare in that particular salon and made it all very hard work. I learnt a lot with that salon over three years and how village hairdressing was very different to town hairdressing. what's it all about?

Initially just a hobby and something else to do. Then it grew. It became about helping salon owners just like you to avoid most of the hassles I have been through. Avoiding common hair and beauty salon pitfalls that have caught me out. Avoiding the scams and scammers that just want your signature and money.

Our industry is packed full of those that scratch each others backs and are waiting to catch you out. Salon Punk will help you avoid a lot of that stuff.

Best of all salon punk is honest, upfront, reports right from the salon floor and really doesn't care what anyone else in our industry thinks about what I am doing over here.

Is that it then? Well I came off the salon floor in 2003 ago mainly due to on-going back pain. Eventually I sold my final salon

Since Selling My Salons

I have travelled all over the planet speaking and lecturing to hair and beauty salon owners in Australia, England, Scotland, Singapore, Latvia and many, many other countries.

I have helped well over 5,000 hair and beauty salon owners build or fix things in their business.

My main business now is my other website at where I work as a writer, speaker and marketing consultant.

Some Pics from my last salon below.

One of the gang, Darren in my salon before the re-fit. Loud... I know.
More of the same. Old look salon.
Picture from front of my salon after most of the re-fit.
New funky sofa in reception.
Salon shot.
...and again
One of many articles I write for Salon Business. Its a salon owners magazine.

Cover of the magazine I write a column for monthly.

My salon front. Looks small but goes back a long way inside.
Hope you enjoyed this page. Let me know.