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I signed up for all of Alan's courses (e-books) after taking on a dying salon taking $600 per week. that was in may 02 ,9 months later I am now expanding into the empty shop next door. since putting all of Alan's ideas (and a few of my own) into operation I am now unable to fit all of my new clients into my present salon and taking more money in one day than I used to take in a week, this is just with myself 2 other stylists and 2 juniors working.

So.... if anyone has any doubts about any of Alan's ideas and courses just re-read the above a couple of times and get out your credit card and sign up. You wont be disappointed I promise.

Jeanette (a much better off and happier salon owner)

p.s. I am based in a small town in Liverpool UK and if we can do it anyone can.
Trimmers Haircare

Alan ...without you my business would not have gone from four thousand pounds to eight in a matter of weeks and due to your Salon Column Buildersalon column builder I might add.


Hi Alan, well its been 2 weeks since I opened my salon, and wow. I'm flat out, i kind of expected to be really quiet for the first week or so but I didn't sit down or eat food for 2 weeks. I put on an apprentice and a receptionist as I cant keep up and am about to put on another full time hairdresser. Your stuff really works and I'm so thankful!!! I will let you know more as it happens ! 

Thanks again,

Leeanne, Storm cuts hair studio, South Australia

Let me tell you we just followed one of your techniques and the phone was ringing off the hook in less than an hour of the first flyer going through local letterboxes, we put out around 200 leaflets in a couple of hours, the response booked out all the spare slots in the stylists columns for the next two weeks!!!!

We have just embarked on a joint venture with a boutique's staff and again the phone is going crazy. Alan you have restored our faith in the business and saved us from insanity. We still have loads to work through if it all only works half as well I can't recommend it enough, tremendous thanks Alan its worth every penny and probably more!!!!!!!



BRAND NEW: Powerful Money-Making Salon Marketing Strategies Proven To Pack Out You Hairdressing or Beauty Salon At Warp Speed From a Successful Salon Owner With 20 Years Experience!

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So ... You Know That Feeling When The Salon Phone Stops Ringing, The Appointment Book Has Huge Gaps in it and Things are so Quiet You Can Hear the Sound of a Hairpin Drop?

Horrible right? In fact it used to scare me to death, put me in a panic mode, how does it make you feel?

I'd walk around all day long in my hair and beauty salon in a semi-depression whilst my staff sat in the back room laughing and drinking coffee until they went home!

I went through that endless scene for at least the first 5 years of my hairdressing and beauty salon businesses. Until I discovered, simple, easy fast ways I could get my salon busy faster than full strength bleach under a dryer!

I discovered how to make sure every week was always packed with paying hair and beauty clients.

I found out fast ways to make sure every quiet day was filled up in minutes (and I mean from no one in to packed salons in 30 minutes)

I discovered how to get my staff off their backsides, out of the back room and make them work for their money (so rather than me slog it all day long to cover their wages, they slaved for my business rather than me slave for their bank account!)

Discovering this stuff took my salons from new start-ups to the towns number 1. in months! (and we really did go from average salon to top-end salon in less than 18 months)

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Dear Successful Salon Owner,

Alan Forrest Smith here.

I know how it feels when you go into your hairdressing and beauty salon with huge gaps in your appointment books. Even worse... when it lasts the whole week. It's horrible.

I used to get to my salons and stand there frozen, staring into the appointment book, almost freaking out thinking how on earth will I fill those gaps.

But after owning 3 hair and beauty salons for 17 years I had perfected a simple system that had our salons packed out almost 365 days every single year. And that's despite that fact that we been through some very tough times in the start having masses of bills and on a couple of occasions getting very close to closing down!

It's easy. It's cheap. The results can be spectacular!

So if you are struggling with your salon... I get it, I understand 100% how it feels and it sucks big time!

So how about I share with you how to create fast track advertising that will get your salon packed TODAY? It's not only the same stuff I used, it's the same marketing and adverting I have since used to build business for clients all over the world since then.

I'll show you exactly how to understand your salon business from the clients viewpoint so she or he makes you the number one choice every single time without fail.

I'll show you how to create powerful salon profits advertising that will cost you virtually zero to do and is guaranteed to pack out your salon from morning until night.

When I had my own salons I hadn't a clue how to run adverts. The newspaper or yellow pages would ring me, hassle me and pressure me to advertise. I would then run adverts they had designed under this pressure. The advert would look great and I trusted them to do a great job after all ... they are advertising people right?

WRONG - they created great looking adverts but those same adverts never made the phone ring. I was spending money monthly on advertising that never made a scrap of difference to my business apart from taking money out of my bank account.

Yellow page adverts no booked from. Great ideas and campaigns from my suppliers that did nothing but line their pockets.

It was frustrating to say the least and if you yourself are also a hairdressing or beauty salon owner or manager you'll understand 100% what I am talking about here.

One day a pal of mine asked me to look at some simple numbers about my salon takings. He was a businessman. I wasn't, I just felt like a great hairdresser trying to run my salon!

It went like this ...

How much do you take in your salon each week right now?

Lets guess it's $5,000. Lets also guess you do that every week on average.

If you could add an extra 30% on to that right away would it interest you?

That would take your salon takings to $6,500. Imagine now that went on for a full year!

That means your salon takings would jump from...

$260,000 to $338,000 per annum.

That's an extra $78,000 newly discovered profits added to your salon.

What would you spend that on?

  • An extended holiday traveling all around in Europe on your own or with the partner of your dreams?

  • A brand new gleaming BMW M3 in jet black with monster wheels and a soft-top... of course?

  • A new house for you and your family in a place of you dreams?

  • A holiday condo or home in another state or country so you can slip away for the weekend leaving your staff to increase your takings?

  • How about just loads of treats for your kids like the bike, the new PC, the new iPod or a new PS3... WOW!

  • How about this... DOUBLING the size of your salon to make you the biggest, slickest, meanest, busiest, number one salon around for miles?

In Other Words ... IMAGINE The Massive Difference A 30% Increase TODAY and then EVERYDAY in Your Salon Would Make To Your Life?

Amazing right?

As a salon owner myself it hit me and hit me hard. The math were so simple yet it was more than clear the marketing (so-called) I had been shown by so called experts had failed me miserably!

This was when I decided to re-educate myself, read books, go on course and spend time discovering what actually would work.

This led me to increasing my salon takings by

... DOUBLE ... I DOUBLED My Salon Turnover ... So Can You ... It Was Easy!

By taking my current crappy adverts and creating powerful advertising using proven, powerful and ancient advertising secrets I literally explode my hairdressing and beauty salon business. It was a total revolution!

Quiet days became packed in  - minutes.

Telephone was blown off the hook to the extent we had to employ another two part-time receptionist to handle everything.

Sales of color sky-rocketed (we were the number 1 Goldwell account in the county with over 60% of our clients having color)

Re-designs went through the roof (we became the Number 1. Redesign salon in the area)

Saturdays went from our best day to the most incredible day of the week. We tripled Saturdays takings every single week for years!

It was mental, busy, fun and massively exciting.

And I am willing to reveal to you exactly how I did that in my salons. The good news for you is ...

You can have all of this stuff in minutes onto your PC. I promise you will not regret discovering this stuff!

Do you feel excited so far?

In the pack you'll see adverts that have taken well over a hundred grand (that's thousand) dollars from on-going campaigns.

You'll hear ideas that will expand the way you think about your salon business in min