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FINALLY THE REAL DEAL: Hair Salon Management and Marketing That Actually Works

Wouldn’t it be great if you could trust everything you read on a website knowing that it has been tested, proven and actually put together by a real expert? Salon punk is that website and here is why.

  • Dozens of salon owners able to get off the shop floor and build a real business
  • 400 plus new clients from a single salon marketing campaign
  • 53.4% increase in salon business in one month
  • 116% increase in salon business
  • £74,000 plus from one salon punk advert example
  • 65% missing clients returned to a salon after being missing for more than a year
  • New client rate as high as 75% Ability to increase your salon prices twice a year
  • Salon management and Salon marketing systems in place
  • Control your salon the salon extreme 21-way
  • Take your salon from empty to packed in 60 minutes
  • FREE training, webinars and live Q&A And so much more


ex21topWhy Salon Punk?

It’s the difference that makes salon punk different.

I have been in the industry since I was 15-years old. I also had three very successful hairdressing salons. I created a salon so strong that we charged over 3x what any other salon for miles was charging. I was also one of the first salons in the UK to use a computer for marketing in 1991. I created direct mail letters, newspaper adverts, flyers and all kinds of salon marketing tricks to pack out my 16 staff from morning until night 6 days a week and it worked. I sold my salons in 2003 and since then have traveled the globe helping businesses and salon owners like you.

If it weren’t for me Scotland’s number one voted salon would have closed. I took them from the brink to success, from the edge of bankruptcy to profits, clients and success. I have worked deep inside top London salons and literally hundreds of salons just like yours in places as far as New Zealand to Australia, then to Singapore, New York and literally dozens of other countries.

The Most Important Salon Management and Salon Marketing Ingredient

So everything you read about on this website has been tested not just in hairdressing salons but also in as many as 400 industries and business. What you read about has transformed business, changed business, put clients through the door, recovered missing clients and packed out salons from morning until night. It all works.

  • Salon Marketing School is our best selling digital manual. Packed from top-to-bottom with.
  • SALON EXTREME 21 is our newest, maddest and most loaded manual ever!
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So if you are sick of taking risks, reading half-hearted amateurs online that have zero real salon management or salon marketing experience  and you absolutely must have results for your salon, stick around.



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Here’s to your salon success.

Alan and Team Salon Punk


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I can harrdly believe the change in my business. Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance took my business to a 116% rise in one year. I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near Salon Director, Caroline Sanderson

Whilst I like creativity and really don’t want to be bothered with the “business stuff”, I am also in the business of making money. Your articles are excellent for getting people’s head out of the clouds and planting their feet on the ground. The Column builder articles are most relevent for freelancers like me. So now I have to go, because I’ve got some serious client building to do! Susi Ray,South Australia

I love you web site and pages. I’m opening a salon and I’m learning a ton. My prospective salon is only 840 sq.ft. But I’m thrilled to begin. Thanks for the positive support,Kimberly Locher

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